Andrew and Charlotte have a strong belief that New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world to live and Kiwis have “won the lottery of life”. However, they also believe that if Kiwis wish to preserve their way of life, then it is also incumbent upon them to give back to their country and community to support those things which give the country its uniqueness, and which are not supported by government across all spectrums of society.

In addition to the causes that they support personally, in 2015, Andrew was instrumental in launching the Perpetual Guardian Foundation, a charitable entity designed to make giving simple for everyone.  Often when people hear the word ‘philanthropy’ they think of wealth and significant financial donations, but what if you had the opportunity to become a part of a community of donors for as little as $5?

Whether you want to feed the hungry, educate kids, protect our environment, nourish the arts, revitalise neighbourhoods, strengthen families or any other cause close to your heart, the Perpetual Guardian Foundation can help.

To keep things simple and allow you to focus on making a real difference, the Foundation  offers several options including:

Contribute to our general fund (Minimum of $5 – no maximum) – the general fund is a permanent charitable resource that grows through your support and will provide much-needed funding to wonderful non-profit organisations and causes.

Start your own fund (Minimum of $50,000) - We will work with you to create a giving programme that is customised to your passions and assets, while maintaining your personal and financial goals.

You CAN have an impact no matter how big or small your contribution. If you want to create a better future for New Zealand and New Zealanders, join us and become an everyday philanthropist.