At Coulthard Barnes Ventures we are reinventing professional services for the retail consumer by bringing together and investing in talented entrepreneurs, forward thinking established professional services companies and other thought leaders.

We believe in a culture of empowerment, of possibility and experimentation, of learning from failure as we seek long-term outcomes, of focused action and honest critique, of collaboration and trust, and of organisational agility. Through Coulthard Barnes Ventures, we have created an organisational ecosystem that allows us to develop these cultures and to pursue our vision for the future of professional services.

Our goal is to foster an ecosystem of the startups, financial institutions, founders, engineers, executives, regulators, legislators, academics and thought-leaders that are seeking to participate in or to drive disruption in financial and other professional services.

We invest alongside entrepreneurs and other investors in early stage ventures. We provide equity capital to support growing businesses that have the potential to become successful and substantial enterprises in the professional services industry. We have established the Coulthard Ventures Accelerator Programme in conjunction with our Australian partner, H2 Ventures. Through the Accelerator programme and our own foundry, where we bring together entrepreneurs, ideas and investors, we expect to see quality opportunities in New Zealand. 

 Through our programme we encourage our participants to consider the social benefit or outcome of their venture, ensuring that they are not just focused on disruption for disruptions sake.